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New information

New information does not come about by itself, neither does it come about in a vacuum. At Savonia, we believe that information has a genuine effect only when it brings about a change.

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Automobile brake system

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Quality Control of Construction Projects

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New competence

Competence turns into an effect when it can be utilised in a genuine working-life situation. At Savonia, we focus on a high level of competence and, above all, on its usefulness to working life.

Economic recovering from corona-virus in Kosovo
Identifying challenges and difficulties that economy is facing in Kosovo due to Corona-virus. Highlighting new possibilities to boost faster the economy and improve citizens’ wellbeing. internationalisation of education

Same as all over the world the pandemic caused by the corona virus has halted human activities in Kosovo, as well. Even though the solutions are now being sought for how to prevent or slow down the spread of the virus to the population, the second wave has hit country. Simultaneously working on preventing the spreading of infection country has to keep the wheel of the economy spinning. The virus has hit many industries such as gastronomy, tourism and the government crises particularly hard. How Kosovo will hill up in the long run? What is the role of education system? What about fragile health system?
Savonia has developed a Prospective Rapid Impact Assessment (PRIA) method based on human security thinking, which allows the people involved to find solutions already when the “situation” is on. Savonia experts facilitated a virtual PRIA workshop in Kosovo together with college AAB, where more than a dozen key people in the country developed solutions.

Kuvassa Naim Ismajli.

Partner Comments
”The results show the real situation in Kosovo. These result show that the shock of COVID-19 is going to shrink the Kosovo economy and that in a short term the government actions should be directed in the demand side, but based on 10 most agreed factors we see that we need to identify sources of funds.”

Naim Ismajli, mayor of Shtime Municipality


Shtime is a town and municipality located in the Ferizaj Region of Kosovo. The town of Shtime has 7,225 inhabitants, while the municipality has 27,324 inhabitants. The territory of the municipality covers an area of 134 square kilometers.

Local level solutions for recovering from coronavirus
Promoting working life and the regional economy, renewing regional structure and promoting internationalisation of education

The pandemic caused by the coronavirus has halted human activities all over the world. Solutions are now being sought for how to prevent or slow down the spread of the virus to the population, and yet to keep the wheel of the economy spinning. The virus has hit service industries such as tourism particularly hard. Can ICT technology help in the long run?
Savonia has developed a Prospective Rapid Impact Assessment (PRIA) method based on human security thinking, which allows the people involved to find solutions already when the “situation” is on. Savonia experts facilitated a virtual PRIA workshop in the Suceava region of Romania, where more than a dozen key people in the region developed solutions.

Alina Butnariu

Partner Comments
”As to the results, I found that the chosen methods and tools used in the online workshop were optimal for this corona case study on a local level and this is why I trust that the majority of brainstormed ideas will generate good solutions to overcome problems encountered in Suceava nowadays.”

Alina Butnariu, Siret Municipality, EU Funded Projects Department

Siret logo.

Siret is a municipality in the province of Suceava in northeastern Romania. It is located in the historic district of Bukovina. Siret has a population of about 8,000 inhabitants. It is one of the oldest cities in Romania and was the capital of the Principality of Moldova in the late 15th century.

Cost savings from optimised fuel mix
Promoting working life and the regional economy // Renewing regional economic structure

For many years, the Energy Technology Unit at Savonia University of Applied Sciences in Varkaus has been conducting fuel measurements and flue gas measurements for Famifarm Ltd. in Joroinen. Flue gas measurements can be used to illustrate phenomena occurring in the combustion process. The benefits of testing services have resulted in cost savings as well as information on finding the right fuel mix. At Savonia we are pleased with the smooth cooperation. It has always been easy to come to work in the Järvikylä knowing that we will be welcomed. The plant, which is interesting in size, in its environment will also open up opportunities for cooperation in the future.

Jussi Loimusalo

”Our goal has been to optimize the fuel mix by better understanding the properties of fuels. We have done well together with Savonia. In addition, we have been able to increase our understanding of ash and emissions issues. Collaboration has been a valuable addition to Famifarm in support of its expertise.
Jussi Loimusalo
Financial Manager

Järvikylä -logo.

Järvikylä is a food brand owned by Famifarm Ltd., which markets salads and herbs produced by the company. Famifarm Oy was founded by Karl Grotenfelt, the 10th master of Järvikylä Manor in 1987, when the first greenhouse was built on the loft of the manor belonging to the same family from 1674. Today, Kale's dream of revitalizing the family farm and the surrounding countryside has come true: greenhouses work in harmony with other agricultural activities, and the Järvikylä Manor employs a total of 110 people working on Järvikylä products. Kale's children, sisters Albert and Caroline, are also actively involved in the company.

Better impact for chronic pain treatment
Promoting continuous learning // Promoting working life and the regional economy

Senior physician and head nurse participated in ”You as an influencer?” leader coaching in year 2017, which was organized by Savonia University of Applied Sciences and Savo Vocational Collage.
The coaching included use of A’WOT-analysis tool. During the year 2018 an impact analysis of neuromodulation process was implemented by using tailored method, which recognizes also interconnectedness of different factors.
The results showed that neuromodulation nurses, teamwork, and the establishment of a multi-disciplinary pain center are key success factors in neuromodulation treatment process.
Results of the analysis will be published in a scientific journal.

Vesa Lappi

”Development of neuromodulation process with Savonia UAS has been inspiring and successful. In chronic pain treatment the measurement of impacts are challenging, because pain cannot be measured in an objective way.
We have found the key success factors for treatment and we will develop our strengths also in the future.
Neurosurgeon Mikael von und zu Fraunberg , Manager of the National Pain Center

3.4 Noncommunicable diseases

One in five Europeans (19%) is estimated to suffer from chronic pain. Chronic pain is associated with significant physical and psychological co-morbidity, such as depression and anxiety. Neuromodulation therapies are indicated for select patients with severe refractory neuropathic pain as a part of multi-disciplinary care. At present each year 40–60 patients are treated with spinal cord stimulation at KUH, and patient selection is done by a multidisciplinary treatment group.

Ensuring the rights of persons with disabilities
Promoting continuous learning // Promoting working life and the regional economy

Savonia University of Applied Sciences facilitated the Housing Foundation for Intellectually Disabled in Savo (SAVAS) strategy process as a business service during 2018. Three hundred people, staff, relatives, stakeholders, superiors, the management team and the board participated in developing the strategy.
More than a thousand initiatives were produced and processed in workshops: the Into-tool gained 4,500 evaluations. On the basis of these, a common vision for Savas' future guidelines was developed.
The concept of inclusion was raised as a new value and a cross-cutting theme in the strategy. This is a universal value of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.
The value changes the Nordic philosophy of mental disability from diagnosis-based services to helping the individual. In this way, the disabled person, despite his or her disability, is able to access the services offered by society and becomes involved in his or her own life.

”The rapidly changing operating environment required an update of Savas's strategy to meet future requirements. As a social company, Savas promotes the comprehensive well-being of special groups through its services. ”
"Through its development and innovation activities and service design, Savas wants to develop its services and working practices to enable special groups to have flexible individual life choices and support their participation in social activities."
CEO Tomi Kaasinen

3.4 Promote mental health and well-being.

Established in 1989
Provides housing and day-care services for special groups
274 people live in housing and 110 people in action centers
The Foundation employs 230 people
Turnover EUR 17 million

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New solutions

The universities of applied sciences play a central role in the creation of new solutions and in the improvement of the competitiveness of the enterprises in the Finnish welfare state. We train entrepreneurial experts, coordinate creative projects and support the growth of enterprises in the region. We genuinely contribute to the future, together with our partners.

Piirre Collective

A new design company with graduates from Savonia’s programme of design studies, Piirre Collective offers the competence and ideas of a designer team for visual communication. Check out the video describing how the designers experienced the studies and how they feel about entrepreneurship.

3D-Talo ("3D House")

A Kuopio-based company specialising in virtual reality, laser bowling and 3D printing. Backed by working-life-oriented studies at Savonia and a group of innovative experts.


At Savonia, we believe that no information, competence or solution alone will change the world. What is needed is genuine cooperation between working life and the higher education institution, thus creating a basis for the change and growth. This is the basis of our operations.

International mobility

Destinations of Savonia’s exchange students


Here are some examples of our students’ and experts’ participation in various events and projects.

Annie Mestariampuja (Annie Get Your Gun)

A student of music and dance played in the leading role; furthermore, our students performed as dancers, singers and musicians in the Kuopio City Theatre. The performance was seen by a total of approximately 15,000 people.

Building company projects

Every year, our students of engineering work in dozens of company-based projects, related to issues such as construction design and structural design in new building and renovation projects, as well as condition surveys.

Consulting hours at Teddy Bear Hospital

Students of health care organised a Teddy Bear Hospital for small children at Kuopio University Hospital. Its aim was to dispel fears related to the hospital world.

First Aid at Finland Ice Marathon

Students of health care were in charge of first aid services at this event. The event was attended by 12,000 people.